Webflow Integration, Meta Description, Google Indexation, Multi-language Article Generation, etc.

  • Webflow Integration: Connect your Webflow account to auto publish articles to your blog
  • Meta Description: generate Meta Descriptions & review it from the Meta Data tab on the Edit Article page before publishing
  • Google Indexation: Connect your GSC account to Abun and submit your articles for indexing on Google directly from Abun. (only available in paid plans)
  • Added separate option to select  "American English", "British English", and "Australian English"
  • Blocking adult website from connecting if the domain is in the block website keyword list
  • Added generate more titles manual input popup modal
  • Added generate article title for selected keyword feature
  • Storing AI generated article images in our own cdn (cdn.abun.com)
  • Sorting article titles by keyword traffic and keyword text in alphabetical order
  • Updated settings page:
  •     - added unsaved changes warning
  •     - updated images settings layout
  •     - preventing user from leaving the settings page if they have unsaved changes
  • Built Abun's own featured image generator

Google Search Console Integration (Part 1)

All paid users can now integrate their Google Search Console with Abun.

The users will be able to import all keywords of their website from their GSC within the selected keywords to generate article titles with it.

You will find the new "Import Keywords from GSC" on your "Selected Keywords" Page.
New Improved
3 months ago

AI Generated Images

  • Implemented AI-powered image generation for articles and featured images.
  • Introduced a progress bar to track content plan generation.
  • Added traffic data in the keywords column for better insights.
  • Rolled out a website suggestion feature to enhance user experience.
  • Automated title generation for how-to articles during content plan creation.
  • Enabled users to regenerate article titles within the article page.
  • Added settings for managing internal and external backlinks.
  • Prioritized user-added article titles over AI-generated suggestions.
  • Added a collapsible sidebar for improved navigation.
  • Added settings for featured image generation.
  • Implemented various UI changes and enhancements for a better user experience.

New Improved Fixed
3 months ago

Multi-lingual Articles, External Backlinks, Bulk Articles, Tones, Archive Articles, & UI Improvements etc.

New Features:
  • External backlinks are automatically added to the article during Article Generation
  • Users now get multiple Featured Image options for a generated article
  • Users can now generate custom articles by providing Blog Title & Keyword
  • Users can now Archive unwanted articles
  • Users can now undo & redo the changes within the Abun blog editor
  • Users can now generate articles in Bulk
  • Users can now generate article in variety of Tones
  • Added multi-lingual article generation for 50+ languages

New Settings:
  • Added option to select "Featured Image Templates" from Article Settings
  • Added option to adjust "Tone of Article" from Article Settings
  • Added option to adjust "Article Language" from Article Settings

UI Fixes:
  • Reordered table columns for smaller screens
  • Added additional confirmation on Disconnect Website
  • Added tooltip on hover when email is not verified
  • Change difficulty score from number to image for ease of understanding
  • Competitor Research Keywords page UI improvement
  • Email verification & connect-website notification UI improvement
  • Updated Competitor Research UI 
  • Updated Articles table UI
  • Content Plan UI Fixes
  • Dashboard UI Fixes

Free Plan Changes

- Users can now generate 30 articles on the Free Plan every month. 
New Improved
4 months ago

Disconnect Website & Intuitive UI for Competitor Keywords

- Users can now Disconnect Website directly from their Profile page.
- Competitor Difficulty UI improvement for intuitive navigation.

Competitor Keyword Research v2

Gone are the days of guesswork and trial-and-error. With Competitor Keyword Research v2, you'll gain valuable insights into your competitors' keywords & their insights enabling you to optimize your own content and outperform them in the search engine results pages. It's like having a secret weapon in your SEO arsenal!
But that's not all. We've made sure that using Competitor Keyword Research v2 is a breeze. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple for you to explore your competitors' keywords, analyze their performance, and seamlessly integrate their successful tactics into your own content creation and SEO strategies.

Keep an eye out for more exciting updates coming your way. Until then, happy optimizing!

Keyword Suggestions 🚀

We understand that finding the right keywords can be a time-consuming process, so we've automated it for you, saving you valuable hours that you can now dedicate to other important tasks.
Abun now provides you with a comprehensive list of relevant keywords based on your topic or seed keyword. Simply enter your website, and within seconds Abun's powerful algorithms will generate a plethora of suggestions tailored specifically to your website. No more wracking your brain trying to come up with the perfect keywords – we've got you covered!
So what are you waiting for? Try out our new Keyword Suggestions feature today and supercharge your content creation process. We can't wait to see the amazing content you'll create and the SEO success you'll achieve with Abun by your side!

Competitor Suggestion v2

We're back with another game-changing update to make your content creation journey even more exciting and fruitful. Today, we're thrilled to announce the release of Competitor Suggestion v2, a powerful feature designed to target your top ranking competitors!
We've revamped our Competitor Suggestion tool to give you the edge you need to dominate search engine rankings. With Competitor Suggestion v2, we've taken user feedback and integrated advanced algorithms to provide you with even more relevant and powerful suggestions.
Our updated tool now analyzes not just 10, but 30 competitors in your niche, giving you a comprehensive overview of their strategies and content gaps. From there, we generate a wealth of tailored suggestions to help you target untapped keywords, create compelling long-form content, and strengthen your SEO game plan. No more guesswork or trial-and-error. We're talking about data-driven insights that take your content from good to extraordinary, from buried to top-ranking. So, buckle up and get ready to soar above your competition. Your audience is waiting to be wowed!
Upgrade to the latest version of Abun today and experience the full power of Competitor Suggestion v2. Unleash your content's potential and watch your organic traffic skyrocket. We can't wait to see the amazing results you'll achieve with this game-changing update!

Competitor Blacklisting within Article Generation

We're excited to announce the latest update to Abun, your favorite content creation and SEO automation platform! Say goodbye to the days of worrying about your competitors stealing your thunder and hello to a new level of content creation control with our brand new feature - Competitor Blacklisting within Article Generation!
With Competitor Blacklisting, you can exclude specific websites from being used as a reference during the article generation process. No more worrying about inadvertently promoting your competitors. With Competitor Blacklisting, you can focus solely on crafting high-quality, original content that truly sets you apart from the crowd.
Getting started is a breeze! Simply head over to the Article Generation section in your Abun dashboard, and you'll find the new Competitor Blacklisting option within Settings waiting for you. Add those pesky competitors to your blacklist, and watch as Abun's powerful algorithms work their magic, generating articles that exclude all competitors.
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